Solstice is a melee strength hero which changes his abilities during day and night.


1)Blinging Dash

Day Time-Target an enemy to charge at it granting 350 Movment Speed,8 Armor and 4 Magic Armor. Upon reaching the target,deals 240 Magic Damage and applies a 35% Movement Speed Slow for 3 seconds.


Cooldown(CD)-14 seconds

2)Shining Rays

Duel - (Solstice's alt avatar)

Duel – (Solstice’s alt avatar)

Day Time-Targets an area to grant vision over it for 8seconds,enemies in the area recive 45 Magic Damage per second for 8 seconds.

Night Time-Target an area to grant vision of enemies for 8 seconds. Grants

a bonus 32 Attack Damage and 60 Movement Speed for 8 seconds.


Cooldown(CD)-20 seconds.

3)Graceful Strikes

Day Time-Passively adds to your 3rd attack 70 Phisical Damage,Cleave

and 25%Lifesteal

Night Time-Passively ads to your 3rd attack 110 Phisical Damage and

25% Lifesteal.

This ability is passive

4)Pure Light

Activate to begin channeling for up to 3 seconds increasing damage and

distance,activate it again to release early. Deals up to 800 Magic Damage in a cone up

to 1300 units away.

Day Time-Applies a 50% Tapering Slow for 6 seconds.

Night time-Applies a 1.5 second Fear.

Range -1400

Cooldown(CD)-80 seconds

The Verdict


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