Prisoner 945

Prisoner 945 is a Melee Strength Initiation Hero capable of isolating enemies and disuprting teams.


1) The ol’Ball and Chain

Target a location to launch your Ball and Chain towards it. The Ball is then pulled back dragging all enemies along the way. Deals 340 Physical Damage and applies an 80% Tapering Movement Speed slow for 1 second.

Range – 1000

Cooldown (CD) – 14 seconds

2) Shackled

Target an enemy to apply a 5.0 second 30% Movement Speed Slow and Restrain. Deals 160 Physical Damage over the duration. Enemies cannot use movement abilities while Restrained.

Range – 400

Cooldown (CD) – 20 seconds

3) One Man Riot

Passively grants 60% Base Damage.

4) Prison Break

Activate to instantly tether all nearby enemy Heroes, dealing 300 Physical Damage.After 3 seconds delay enemies still tethered are pulled 400 units toward Prisoner, dealt 300 Physical Damage and 3 second Stun. Enemies that move more than 600 units away immediately break the tether.

Radius – 550

Cooldown (CD) – 100 seconds

The Verdict


The Good: Prisoner can Hook multiple enemies from a great distance with his Ball and Chain then punish them for Engaging with Prison Break

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