Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth - HoN

Heroes of Newerth – HoN

Heroes of Newerth is a free MMORPG game which has good graphics and a big selection of heroes. In HoN there is a various selection of heroes and every hero has its own playing strategy and special items that need to be equipped in order to have a good match. MMR points show your rank in the game as a bad, normal, good or professional player. Before the start of a match your and your opponents team will be balanced 50%-50% according to your MMR points.

The mostly played map in HoN is Forests of Caldavar.

Forests of Caldavar: Is a 5×5 map which has 3 lanes; on the top lane and the bottom lane can be 2 heroes and on the mid lane 1 hero. For a good 5×5 game your team has to have 1 strength hero, 2 agility heroes, 1 support hero and 1 mage hero. The hero that was on the mid lane has to support his teammates because his experience gained for killing an enemy creature is 100%. On the top and bottom lanes where there are 2 heroes the gained experience is divided by half for each player (50%). There are many neutral creatures (Creeps) that spawn at certain times. Killing them can be helpful to gain experience, but there is a mighty neutral creature (Kongor) which gets stronger as time passes. Kongor is at the max level (25) and is hard to kill. When Kongor is killed he drops a Token of Life which revives its owner once after he dies. But if the owner doesn’t die during 10 minutes Kongor will re-spawn and return his token back. To win in this map you have to destroy your opponents main building which will end the game. Every 2 minutes a rune spawns on the river. The rune can give invisibility, haste(maximum speed), illusion (2 copies of your hero which you can control) and Double Damage (DD).