Pearl is a ranged intelligence support hero that heals nearby allies while knocking enemies away.


1) Asphyxtate

Target an enemy to remove all buff’s, deal 140 Magic Damage and apply an 80% Movement Speed slow for 0.6 seconds. After 2 seconds the bubble explodes applying the initial effect again to the target and nearby enemies.

Range – 600

Cooldown (CD) – 10 seconds

2) Whirlbubble

Target a location to throw a bubble in that direction pushing all enemy  heroes with it. The bubble explodes at the end dealing 290 Magic Damage in an area.

Range – 700

Cooldown (CD) – 15 seconds

3) Soothing Presence

Passively grants 2.5 Health Regeneration to nearby allied units for each nearby allies hero. Activate to immediately heal all nearby allies for 225 health but lose the passive aura effect for the cooldown.

Radius – 600

Cooldown (CD) – 30 seconds

4) Preservation

Activate to push nearby enemies away. Creates an area for allies that stops all incoming damage from enemies outside of the area. Heals allies in the area for 40 Health per second. Lasts for 12 seconds.

Radius – 400

Cooldown (CD) – 80 seconds

The Verdict


The Good: Unlike other supportive heroes, Pearl wants to be in the midst of battle, ready to stop damage with Preservation or knock back enemies away with Whirlbuble.

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