The Vindicator's power comes from proper clutch usage of Final Chapter and as well as sustained damage from Master's Incanation


1) Brain Drain

Target a position to deal 200 Magic Damage. For each enemy hero hit, the Vindicator steals 3 inteligence for 40 seconds.

Radius – 350

Cooldown (CD) – 6 seconds

2) Masters Incantation

Target an enemy to attack it. Deals normal damage plus 60% of your Intelligence as bonus True damage. Right click to activate auto-cast, making your attacks automatically use this spell.

Range – 600 (Hero attack range)

3) Glyph of Silence

Passively grants 40 attack speed. Enemies that attack you are Silenced for 2 seconds.

4) Final Chapter

Activate to silence all enemy heroes in the game for 5 seconds.

Cooldown (CD0 – 160 seconds.

The Verdict


The Good: Continued and relentless use of Brain Drain can debuff his enemies while buffing himself.

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