Runic Shift Bundle

We present our new product dedicated to the output patch 3.1 – a suite of Runic Shift Bundle, which will include six new avatars patch 3.1 and logos, as follows:

Tera Monarch
Tequila Master
Siege Gauntlet
Fu Lion Gemini
Party Zephyr
Gold Only package and is sold only for gold.
The advantages of purchasing Runic Shift Bundle:

20% discount when purchasing the package
(The total value of all the avatars when buying one – 2370 gold package is sold for 1,896 gold, that is, with savings of 474 gold)
Players who purchase the package will be able to immediately enjoy all these avatars and their logos without waiting for the official release

Get the chance to try out new and exciting avatars before the others and save on it!

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