Midas is a support caster capable of dealing damage and disabling on a mass scale.


1) Golden Salvo

Target a location to throw five flasks. The first flask impact deals 220 Magic Damage and inflicts -10% Movement Speed. Each additional flask inflicts an additional 80 Magic Damage and -10% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.

Range – 1000

Cooldown (CD) – 13 seconds

2) Lion’s Pride

Target a location to send a wave of energy, healing allies for 120 Health on contact. Lions start with 210 Damage. Each ally healed increases their power by 30 damage. At the destination, thei explode dealing up to 360 Magic Damage.

Radius – 200

Cooldown (CD) – 18 seconds

3) Elemental Warp

Target a location to teleport up to 700 distance away. Detonates a shockwave around Midas per departure and arrival. Enemies hit will take 170 Magic Damage per shockwave.

Radius – 250

Cooldown (CD) – 17 seconds

4) Transmute

Passively imubes each of your 3 basic abilities with a 3 second Reagent. Combining Reagents on an enemy will inflict 150 Magic Damage and 2 second stun. Passively decreases basic ability cooldown by 6 seconds.

The Verdict


The Good: His three basic abilities are all skillshots, and while each hold incredible damage potential, with Transmute they combine in a powerful disable, making Midas indispensable for team fights.

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