Patch 3.0.9

Administration Garena CIS notifies you that the patch this week will be scheduled early in the morning of Wednesday, April 24.
Time of work:
03:00-07:00 (Moscow)
05:00-09:00 (Astana)
02:00-06:00 (Kiev)
Note: During the patch access to the game will be shut down!

Version 3.0.9

New content == ==

– Added a new avatar for the hero Hammerstorm: Hammer Lord

– Added a new avatar for the hero Deadwood: Toadwood Deadstool

– Added a new avatar for a hero Pollywog Priest: Penguin Priest

– Added a new avatar for the hero Arachna: Arachnabot

– Added a new avatar for the hero Cthulhuphant: Woolly Cthulhuphant

Optimizations and bug fixes == ==

– Updated all the sounds of the characters, now uses less memory
– Optimized loading of sounds

Dust of Revelation
– The visual effect is now properly displays the actual range

– Fixed interaction with ultimeyta Restoration stone, now the second Spiderling will not die at the same time with the first.

– Inscription “Miss!” / “Miss!” no longer pops up when Armadon gets prickles at invisible targets.

– Optimized ability Guttling Hook in avatar Gluttony

– The hero does not move while under the influence of various abilities (Taunt Hero Legionnaire, Fear Dampeer hero, etc) if it hurts Grapple any suitable target.


– The visual effect is due to the hero of the abandoned drill using the Rocket Drill ability will now correctly disappear when the hero “untied” before it reaches the end point (for example, by hook hero Devourer).


– The sound acting on allies aura of Sol’s Conviction, will be much quieter


– Optimized animation capabilities Chain Reaction in avatar Dominatrix Torturer

– Fixed heroes whose bodies remained standing after death if they died during the use of their abilities:

* Pandamonium (Flick)
* Chronos (Time Leap)
* Grinex (Shadow Step)
* Gunblade (Grappling Shot)

– Fixed a bug with a list of alternative couriers

– Fixed a bug with the icon player status panel statistics during the game
– There were a lot of games optimized descriptions
– Various improvements in the windows invite ladder
– Fixed occasional “tottering” window reportov
– Fixed message ‘):’ s, do not appear correctly
– Fixed broken buttons on some alerts if they were not kept in the history
– Removed function Repik hero of test + +, since it is no longer operational


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