The Riftwalker is a unique Hero.


1) Cascade Event

Target a location to begin the Cascade Event. After 1.5 second delay, enemy units in the AOE (Area of Damage) get pulled torwards the center and take 260 Damage.

Radius – 350

Cooldown (CD) – 15 seconds

2) Shared Existence

Target a unit to apply a 35% Movement Speed Slow for 4 seconds. Every time the target takes damage the Slow Increases by 7%, up to 70%.

Range – 600

Cooldown (CD) – 8 seconds

3) Rift Burn

Target a location to spawn a Rift there. Any units inside of the radius instantly take 200 Magic Damage. The Rift lingers for 6 seconds, dealing Magic Damage every second. The damage starts small but increases with every puls, up to a max of 400 Magic Damage over the whole duration.

Radius – 300

Cooldown (CD) – 15 seconds

4) Wormhole

Target a location to channel for 2 seconds. At the end of the channel time, the Riftwalker is instantly teleported to the target location, dealing 450 Magic Damage and a 2.5 second Superior Magic Stun in the area.

Radius – 400

Cooldown (CD) – 70 seconds

The Verdict


The Good: Riftwalker can initiate on an enemy team without the assistance of a Portal Key. Both inside and outside of a teamfight, the rest of Riftwalker’s abilities give her great utility in a supporting role.

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