Ravenor is a melee carry that builds up a significant amount of damage and mobility throughout a fight.


1) Ball Lightning

Target a location to throw a electric ball in that direction. he first enemy hero hit by the ball is dealt 140 Magic Damage and stunned for 0.5 seconds. Ravenor may activate this ability again to teleport to the target syunning nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds and dealing 140 Magic Damage. The debuff lasts 4 seconds or until the enemy moves 3000 units away.

Range – 1400

Cooldown (CD) – 15 seconds

2) Storm Blades

Activate to apply Storm blades for 6 seconds or for the next 2 attacks. Storm Blades increases your attack speed by 90 adding a bonus 125 Magic Damage bouncing between the closest 4 targets.

Cooldown (CD) – 12 seconds

3) Electrical Feedback

Activate to apply Electrical Feedback to yourself for 8 seconds. Electrical Feedback when attacked, deals 80 Magic Damage and a 10% slow to the attacker and nerby 2 enemies. Can return damage once every 0.9 seconds.

Cooldown (CD) – 16 seconds

4) Power Overwhelming

Passively increases your movement speed and attack damage whenever you deal direct magic damage. Damaging heroes grants 8 charges. Damaging creeps grants 1 charge. Each charge grants a passive +1 Movement Speed and +1 Magic Damage to your basic attacks. Max charges is 120.

The Verdict


The Good: Unlike other carries, the majority of Ravenors damage is magical allowing him to tear through high armor targets.

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