Grinex is a ganker who uses stealth.


1) Shadow Step

Click an enemy and drag the cursor in a direction to launch yourself and them in the chosen direction dealing  140 Magic Damage. Slamming the target into a hero, cliff, tree or building applies a 1.6 second stun and deals 120 Magic Damage.

Radius – 375

Cooldown (CD) – 14 seconds

2) Rift Stalk

Activate to gain 25% Movement Speed and invisibility with 1.5 second fade time for  9 seconds. This ability has a maximum of 2 charges. Gains 1 charge per 14 seconds.

Cooldown (CD) – 1 seconds

3) Nether Strike

Passively grants your next attack 100 Phisical Damage after casting a spell.

4) Illusory Assault

Activate to become invisible and send shadows to all nearby enemy heroes. Shadows deal up to 560 Phisical Damage over 6 seconds and leave behind a dark trail. Standing on the dark trail grants +15% Movement Speed and Stealth with 1 second fade time.

Radius – 1200

Cooldown (CD) – 30 seconds

The Verdict


The Good: Grinex the Riftstalker is a ganker who uses stealth and deception to sneak upon and burst down his enemies. Utilize his fierce laning to cripple the enemy team before they can build up their strength.

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