Flint Beastwood

Flint Beastwood

Flint Beastwood has the longest range in the game.


1) Explosive Flare

Target a location to deal 100 Magic Damage and an additional 200 Magic Damage over 2 seconds to enemis hit.Initial damage affects buildings. Slows Movement Speed by 24%, grants vision on the area for 4 seconds.

Radius – 300

Cooldown (CD) – 14 seconds

2) Hollowpoint Shells

Passively grants attacks 40% chance to apply an additional 50 Phisical Damage and a 0.2 second Stun.

3) Dead Eye

Passively increases attack range by 240. Level 3 and 4 allow Flint to outrange Towers.

4) Money Shot

Target an enemy to channel for 1.7 seconds. After channeling completes, fires a shot that deals 665 Magic Damage and 0.2 second Stun. Shot will fire up to 2800 units away.

Range – 2500

Cooldown (CD) – 10 seconds

The Verdict


The Good: With the longest range in the game, Flint can unleash pain on faraway enemies with a combination of Flare and auto-attacks, while Money Shot allows him to pick off escaping heroes.

The Bad: His only weakness is his low survivability.

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